Membership Categories

The purpose and mission of the Harvard NORC is to catalyze and galvanize research in obesity, nutrition, and metabolism.

Applications for membership can be self-initiated or proposed by any existing NORCH member and will be discussed and considered by the NORCH Program Directors. The NORCH membership is reviewed and updated annually by the Program Directors. The removal of members that no longer fit the criteria of membership is up to the discretion of the Program Directors.

The category of ‘Full Member’ of the Harvard NORC is reserved for researchers with a record of publication in peer-reviewed journals and NIH or other federal funding for obesity and/or nutrition research. Individuals who believe they fulfill this requirement should apply to become a member. We encourage new investigators in many different medical and scientific fields, such as biomedicine, who may fruitfully apply their knowledge and/or technical expertise to the nutrition and obesity fields to join.

The category of ‘Associate Member’ will be reserved for junior investigators who demonstrate an interest in nutrition research but have not yet established an independent, federally funded nutrition- or obesity-related research program.

For more information about becoming a member or associate member of the Harvard NORC, please contact our staff at

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Membership Benefits