Nutrition-related disease states such as diabetes and obesity may eventually be treatable using therapies at the cellular and molecular levels. The Nutrition Obesity Research Center at Harvard seeks to establish a vibrant research environment encouraging approaches to define common clinical nutrition research problems using the most sophisticated technology and scientific knowledge available.

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Our Goals:

  • Promote top researchers in the field and the translation of their research findings into clinically useful strategies for human advancement

  • Enable scientific discovery in nutrition and obesity by making sophisticated Core services available and by fostering collaboration within and beyond our research base

  • Share the knowledge of these advancements through robust enrichment, education and outreach program

Our Cores:

The NORCH aims to equip nutrition and obesity researchers with the tools and technology they need in order to conduct cutting-edge research. Our Core teams provide consultations and technical support in Genomics and Cell Biology, Metabolic Imaging, Metabolic Phenotyping, and Statistics.

Genomics and Cell Biology

Metabolic Imaging

Metabolic Phenotyping

Statistical Consultation


Pilot & Feasibility funding awarded to 7 highly promising junior investigators this year

Pilot & Feasibility Awards

The NORCH has maintained an outstanding Pilot & Feasibility Program for over 20 years, with the goal of supporting, retaining and promoting successful young faculty to nutrition and obesity research. We have a highly selective pool of applicants each year, some of whom are chosen to present their research at our biannual Pilot and Feasibility Symposium. 


Visit our Opportunities page for local and NORC-wide career and training opportunities in nutrition, obesity, and metabolism.

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