25th Annual Harvard Nutrition Obesity Symposium
Novel Mechanisms For Medical Management of Obesity: Mechanisms, Clinical Implications, & Societal Impacts  

Wednesday, June 7, 2023
This event will be held virtually. All are welcome!
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The NORCH is pleased to announce the topic for our 2024 symposium, “Novel Mechanisms for Medical Management of Obesity: Mechanisms, Clinical Implications, and Societal Impacts” See below for the full list of speakers.

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Speaker List


Steven Grinspoon, MD
Director, Nutrition Obesity Research Center at Harvard




Session 1: Clinical Implications and Mechanisms of Current Strategies

Moderators: Dr. Fatima Cody Stanford

Mechanism of Action for Current Strategies: Building Even More Effective Agonists for the Future

Potential “Off Target” Effects of Current GLP-1 Strategies: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
Jaime Almandoz, MD, MBA
Southwestern Medical Center

Session 2: Altering Brain Pathways to Treat Obesity and Reduce Hunger

Moderators: Dr. Elizabeth Lawson (MD, Harvard Medical School);                      Dr. Ellen Schur (MD, MS, University of Washington School of Medicine)

Addictive Disorders: Two Sides of the Same Coin?
Lorenzo Leggio, MD, PhD
NIDA/NIAA, National Institutes of Health

Long Term Effects and Potential for Weight Regain: Resetting the Hunger Threshold
Gitanjali Srivastava, MD
Vanderbilt University

The George L. Blackburn Keynote Lecture:

State of the Art Summary of Current Pharmacological Strategies for Obesity Management
Caroline Apovian, MD, Harvard Medical School



Session 3: Equity, Costs, and Access

Moderators: Dr. Takara Stanley (MD, Harvard Medical School), Dr. Ellen Schur (MD, MS, University of Washington Medical School)

Economic Costs of Obesity and New Medications
Darius Lakdawalla, PhD

University of Southern California

Equity and Access to New Therapeutics for Obesity
Mohammad Dar, MD
Massachusetts Medicaid and Executive Office for Health and Human Services

Session 4: Integrating Pharmacological Therapy into a Successful Long-Term Comprehensive Care Strategy for People with Obesity

Moderators: Dr. Caroline Apovian, Dr. Chika Anekwe (MD, MPH, Harvard Medical School)

Who, When, & How to Treat Obesity Using Modern Pharmacologic Therapies
Fatima Cody Stanford, MD, MPH, MPA
Harvard Medical School

New Approaches to Weight Management in Pediatric Obesity 

Perspectives From Patients
Panel of Patients